Friday, September 30, 2005

BBC Rejects Muslim Council Complaint

BBC rejects Muslim Council complaint
Claire Cozens
Friday September 30, 2005

The BBC has strongly rejected a complaint from the Muslim Council of Great Britain about a controversial Panorama documentary on the challenges faced by the Muslim community in the wake of the July 7 bombings.

In a letter to the MCB, Panorama editor Mike Robinson said there was no truth in the claim that the programme was "maliciously motivated" and "Islamophobic", which he described as "about as grave a complaint as it is possible to make".

"The programme's purpose was to reflect, inform and generate debate in the Muslim community and the wider population about the nature and direction of the leadership of British Muslims," Mr Robinson wrote.

"In the light of the London bombings this is a debate which many Muslims to whom we spoke believe is long overdue.

"As this debate goes forward I very much hope that you will desist from unwarranted and wildly inaccurate attacks on the honesty of our journalism."

The BBC received 250 complaints about the programme, which was broadcast in August and featured presenter John Ware touring Muslim communities around Britain to examine how they were treating the threat of extremism in the wake of the July attacks.

It examined the extent to which the MCB, an umbrella organisation for around 400 mosques and other Islamic groups, condones ideas promoted by some of its affiliates, which can feed the kind of extremism that led to the July bombs in London.

Ware interviewed Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary general of the MCB, about his stance on Palestinian suicide bombers, his decision to boycott Holocaust Memorial Day last January and his attendance at a memorial service for Sheikh Yassin, spiritual leader of the Palestinian militant group, Hamas.

The MCB claimed that A Question of Leadership was "dishonestly presented, mischievously edited and clearly aimed at maligning the Muslim Council of Britain and its major affiliates ... without regard for the facts".
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The rejection was necessary, I think --- most of the BBC criticisms being pretty well founded ...
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